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Friends, I love you more than lightning.

Action shot! I was quite excited.

Whew, long time no postie.

So I've been talking about the dress I was working for a good friend's wedding. It was (somewhat surprisingly) done in time and turned out pretty nice!

It was a nice and successful wedding as well.

In other sewing news, this week I was playing around with some patchwork strips I made a while back. Lately I've been getting bored with just patchwork, and wanted to try something new. So in my testing, I figured out a super easy way to make patchwork look different and unique (I think anyway). I also like this because I think it looks more complicated than it is. That's right, I invented "Pleats".

I made a couple of zippered pouches in this way thanks to this tutorial:

These may end up on etsy, but I doubt it. Perhaps later..


katielyn said...

Love those pouches!

sweetdaisydreams said...

wow these are great you have done a lovely job and so colourful, love Glenda

Debbie in Nashville said...

That dress turned out great! You are so talented.

Run Wild Horses said...

These are great, i really like the pleats idea and the fabric choice.

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