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Girls in cars and girls and fun, Hot pizza from the kitchen, Daytona Beach, Daytona fun, This town is really bitchin'

Well, I'm actually on vacation in Ponte Vedra, Florida but it's also pretty bitchin'. I'm taking a break from the sun today because a) I've gotten too much in the past two days and b) it's cloudy. Just seemed like the best idea.

The house we're staying at has gotten progressively more decrepit throughout the years (I think this is the 14th time we've stayed here, so I have a small frame of reference), but I think we're all having a pretty wonderful time regardless. I for one couldn't have gone on vacation at a better time. There are beach cruisers and kayaks, both new additions this year. The house sits on a plot of land that extends to a private beach, and has a pool on the opposite side. We have been playing Hand and Foot, a commitment of a card game involving any number of people.

The we've eaten pretty well also. (At least in my eyes.) Day two was grilled chicken kababs, grilled corn on the cob and steamed purple snap beans. Day three we ate deep fried turkey with green bean cassarole (a la me.) and mashed potatoes. I'm not sure what beholds us tonight, but I am more than likely excited about it.

There will be some mojito making at some point with fresh mint from the garden here, which is equally if not more exciting than the food. (Did I mention the garden? There's a really nice herb and floral garden here.)

The only downfall so far has been the upstairs air conditioning, which decided to die yesterday. That and the fact that I hastily overpacked with too many shorts and not enough shirts. :/

Despite this relaxing atmosphere, I can't wait to get home and sew up some goodness. I was sort of on a roll before I left; now I'm bursting with ideas. I hope I don't come home smelling like one of the bikes here; I don't want my bike to think I'm cheating on her.

I plan to sew several more of those zippered pouches I made last week so that I can put them on my etsy shop.

I also found this Coin Quilt, which was love at first sight. It looks like an excellent use of scraps as well as a good way to showcase different fabrics.

I also found this wallet pattern that I can't wait to try.


Natalie said...

What an awesome vacation! You make me want some sun and mojitos and lots of beach time!

Natalie (nicesnow)

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