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Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you may celebrate..) I had an excellent holiday seeing friends and family.

There are major updates and improvements on our etsy site theCraftateria!!

Check it out here!


The Craftateria, hey!

Well, we (my industrious roommates and I) have finally gotten it together enough to upload some stuff to our etsy collective, TheCraftateria.

Check it out! I'm going to be promoting it and (hopefully) adding product as much as possible in the near future.

It would have been, could have been worse than you would ever know.

Though it makes me a little ill to know that Christmas is coming up, I have decided to think about it anyway. This year, I'm aiming to have a hand-made Christmas. I'm going to attempt to only buy hand-made goods from others or make my own presents (in hopefully a non oh-look-at-this-crappy-home-made-thing-you-made-me way).

You should too, you industrious, clever thing!

Some ways to do this:





Suuuweeet pig.

This is what I feel like.

Happy Halloween. I was informed yesterday that I have the H1N1 virus, yay. So I'm stuck at home cursing my body and watching way too many movies. I'm feeling better today than I have most of the week, so I decided to try to use my down time to be productive.

Lately, I've been working on lots of felt stuff. Check these out! I hope these will be going in TheCraftateria at some point soon. It is still empty thus far. :/

I also made a bracelet with one batik side and one embroidered side:


Update #2. In a week. (holy shit.)

I've been really obsessed with embroidery lately. Pictured above is a coffee-cup cozy thing for a girl I know.

My roommates and I are starting an etsy together: TheCraftateria. It's still pretty empty right now, but we've got someone who's going to help us out with it. (Someone with actual photography skills, I can't wait!) So uh..stay tuned.

PS - I wish basement cat would help me with my hobbies. So bad.


undersized undead update..

Mini Update!

I have been trying to draw a bit more. And I'm really inspired by Halloween, as well as my favorite horror genre. I made a zombie paper doll.

Eh, eh?

Another small update will happen later..


Look both ways when you cross the road.

Okay, so all of my possessions are officially under one roof, and have been for several weeks now. It is the best feeling ever (except for like, donuts); thanks for all the well-wishes!

So now that I have use of the internet again, there are about 14 things that are going on that I should update on, both craft and life related. First off, I haven't had much time to do many crafts or sewing projects. (Even the ones I've obligated myself to do. :/ ) Second of all, I lovelove my house, roommates, and living 12 minutes away from work. Aside from some minor life snags (mainly dental woes), things are pretty good right now. Also, it was 83 degrees today. Things are pretty nice.

Below are some random pictures I've taken over the past few weeks:

This is my first craft project as a Nashvillian. No, it's not done.

My first meal in the new house was pesto from a packet. It tasted alright, but looked like a Nilbog disaster. I shan't buy it again.

Our first (of many) roommate cake!

I made change-of-address cards for friends and relatives, and don't care who knows it. They turned out adorable, damnit.

Other random shots:

Lamp and jewelry on my dresser. Or, art.

A few shots of my room..

Our living room..

A super blurry shot of our weenie tree, made for our 50's luau.

My first...Elvis bathroom? It is, indeed.

That's it for now; I'll have more of a craft update soon.


I’m not what you think I am I’m the king of Siam

Well well, we meet again.

I don't have much of an update tonight because I'm moving tomorrow A.M. and almost everything I want to play with is packed. I'm actually quite anxious about this move, though I'm sure it will go fairly smoothly. Utilities are all turned on (new house), the house I'm leaving is in relatively good shape (though I'm sure the panic will set in when I wake up tomorrow..), and I totally fixed the hole I tore in the paint in my bedroom. Still, despite everyone that's helping me and the excitement to move to the new house, I still kind of feel like I'm doing this on my own. Oh, and I haven't heard back from the future landlord yet regarding when I can pick up the key, which scares me a lot little. Think happy thoughts..

In any case, not much crafting or sewing going on right now, I've resigned to playing DS and trying to imagine how much I can fit in that box over there. Have I mentioned how much this moving has consumed me?

I'd like my first new-house-happy project to be the Coin Quilt I linked earlier. It might be nice to start off in a new house with a new blankie. (This would be a small adult sized blankie, of course. I ain't got no baby.)

One last thing before I sign off for the night because cute animals lower my stress level, and perhaps they do yours too:

Look at those ears! want!

I promise to post a real post as soon as have all of my possessions under one roof. :)


Zippered pouch porn..

Every post seems to start out about the same, so I've decided to start out this and possibly future posts with something a little different. Probably a little random because it tends to be my style.

First, random: Remember Marriedtothesea? It's been a couple years since I followed this webcomic, but today we reunited, however briefly. Their comics along with the original Toothpastefordinner, range from probably-too-smart-for-me to omg-hilarious. In any case, here's a recent gem:

I am still unsure of how to properly give credit to authors of sites and images without "hotlinking". So I have not linked this image. However, I hope it's pretty evident if you've read anything above: this ain't mine, it's Marriedtothesea.com's.

Now on with the update..

Another "art scarf" made while I was on vacation..

Yes, it's a little wonky, no judging. That's a geometric interior pocket you're seeing.

Finally onto the most recent addition:
(I'll probably have a tutorial of this up soon, but I need to supplement some photographs..)

Today, despite the amazing cooler-than-ever-imagined-for-Tennessee weather, I stayed inside and sewed. At least for a large chunk of it. (wtf, I know.)

This is what I came up with: probably my favorite rendition of the patchwork zippered pouch. It's clutch sized and holds my cellphone, cards, dollars, and chapstick.

Measures about 4 by 8" and has 33 of my favorite fabrics.

You put stuff in this area of the pouch.

Tutorial soon!


I can only think of a title if I have a song in my head.

The city limits don't actually start in the water, but should.

Still in Ponte Vedra, Fl and enjoying my vacation... I am however a tad sunburnt and starting to feel the major pangs of craft withdrawal.

I'll keep this short because the benedryl is starting to kick in: I tried to eat a datil pepper today, not knowing what I was about to embark upon. I'm not too phobic of spicy food, but this was by far the hottest thing I've ever put in my mouth ("that's what she said," I know). My lips were numb for about 5 minutes.

When I get back after the inevitable movie night and bike ride I'll go on, I'd like to make this scarf and I don't know, twenty or so of these? Those on top of the other things I'd like to make (see previous post).

More later, but I'll try to actually wait until I have some craft related update rather than just "Oh, I'd like to do a little of this, and maybe a little of that later.."

PS, we ate here tonight, and it was magnanimous.


Girls in cars and girls and fun, Hot pizza from the kitchen, Daytona Beach, Daytona fun, This town is really bitchin'

Well, I'm actually on vacation in Ponte Vedra, Florida but it's also pretty bitchin'. I'm taking a break from the sun today because a) I've gotten too much in the past two days and b) it's cloudy. Just seemed like the best idea.

The house we're staying at has gotten progressively more decrepit throughout the years (I think this is the 14th time we've stayed here, so I have a small frame of reference), but I think we're all having a pretty wonderful time regardless. I for one couldn't have gone on vacation at a better time. There are beach cruisers and kayaks, both new additions this year. The house sits on a plot of land that extends to a private beach, and has a pool on the opposite side. We have been playing Hand and Foot, a commitment of a card game involving any number of people.

The we've eaten pretty well also. (At least in my eyes.) Day two was grilled chicken kababs, grilled corn on the cob and steamed purple snap beans. Day three we ate deep fried turkey with green bean cassarole (a la me.) and mashed potatoes. I'm not sure what beholds us tonight, but I am more than likely excited about it.

There will be some mojito making at some point with fresh mint from the garden here, which is equally if not more exciting than the food. (Did I mention the garden? There's a really nice herb and floral garden here.)

The only downfall so far has been the upstairs air conditioning, which decided to die yesterday. That and the fact that I hastily overpacked with too many shorts and not enough shirts. :/

Despite this relaxing atmosphere, I can't wait to get home and sew up some goodness. I was sort of on a roll before I left; now I'm bursting with ideas. I hope I don't come home smelling like one of the bikes here; I don't want my bike to think I'm cheating on her.

I plan to sew several more of those zippered pouches I made last week so that I can put them on my etsy shop.

I also found this Coin Quilt, which was love at first sight. It looks like an excellent use of scraps as well as a good way to showcase different fabrics.

I also found this wallet pattern that I can't wait to try.


Friends, I love you more than lightning.

Action shot! I was quite excited.

Whew, long time no postie.

So I've been talking about the dress I was working for a good friend's wedding. It was (somewhat surprisingly) done in time and turned out pretty nice!

It was a nice and successful wedding as well.

In other sewing news, this week I was playing around with some patchwork strips I made a while back. Lately I've been getting bored with just patchwork, and wanted to try something new. So in my testing, I figured out a super easy way to make patchwork look different and unique (I think anyway). I also like this because I think it looks more complicated than it is. That's right, I invented "Pleats".

I made a couple of zippered pouches in this way thanks to this tutorial:

These may end up on etsy, but I doubt it. Perhaps later..


Oh, my pregnant head.


On this sunny 80 degree Sunday, I decided to wake up with an angry migraine. In lieu of lounging in the sun like I'd like to be doing, I'm trying to stay in and feel better. So since I don't feel like doing much of anything, but would still like to be slightly productive, below is the exciting progress on my B5324 dress. It's looking like this will work out. Beware the particularly precarious photography.

This piece is called the "upper front" which is appropriate, but sounds weird to me.

Here it is in pieces..

Here is is in fewer pieces. I am physically unable to hold a camera steadily when the flash is off, but I promise this dress is not blurry in real life.

The pattern and instructions for this dress reminded me of why I don't usually buy Butterick patterns. The instructions include several steps that I skipped, and there were several pattern pieces I didn't end up using. Despite the sort of confusing pattern, I'm pretty happy with how this dress is coming together, and especially the fit I've achieved so far. All with just the right amount of "character". It lacks the installation of the skirt lining, a hem, and a whole slew of handstitching, but should be ready for the wedding I'm attending next weekend.


Why all the history now?

So uh, major update. I've been meaning to get on here and post but a few unforeseen things (migraines? trip to DC) have come up.

Here's the shell from hell that I've been trying to not ever see again. We have a love/hate relationship in that I hate it so much, but it keeps coming around.. Here it is being fixed for the 3rd time. I hope that this one is a taker.

About the same time I was working on that, I was commissioned to alter 4 bridesmaid dresses with proved to be the most oddly constructed dresses I've ever had the misfortune of "fixing". It was a scary stressful time to try and make these dresses fit their recipients.

Four solid examples of bridesmaid dresses that shouldn't exist.

A good friend of mine is getting married in a few weeks, and I am hoping to wear the below dress to the wedding: B5324. For a while, I was a bit against Butterick patterns because I've had trouble with them in the past, but this one seems to be fairly simple. I just cut out the fabric I'm using and plan to start stitching it today. Pictures hopefully to ensue.

I'm attempting to make this strapless! Fingers crossed.

In the past 2 weeks, I've also completed something I started about 2 years ago. This is my favorite backpack and I'm sad to say that I no longer have the pattern for it. It's from a small child's pattern, but because it's been a couple of years since I bought it, it may not be available.

It sits pretty high up on my back since it's a kid pack. I still love it!

Also, some brief pics from my trip to DC:

Kind of a blurry shot of the ceiling of the Franciscan Monastery.

We were not sure what this was because it was just an empty hallway with these really neat evolving lighted walls. This was taken around midnight; no one was around. We think it was an office building.

Easter eggs at the Eastern Market.

Serenity at the Monastery.

I'll have to post more photos later; it's too nice outside.