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Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you may celebrate..) I had an excellent holiday seeing friends and family.

There are major updates and improvements on our etsy site theCraftateria!!

Check it out here!


The Craftateria, hey!

Well, we (my industrious roommates and I) have finally gotten it together enough to upload some stuff to our etsy collective, TheCraftateria.

Check it out! I'm going to be promoting it and (hopefully) adding product as much as possible in the near future.

It would have been, could have been worse than you would ever know.

Though it makes me a little ill to know that Christmas is coming up, I have decided to think about it anyway. This year, I'm aiming to have a hand-made Christmas. I'm going to attempt to only buy hand-made goods from others or make my own presents (in hopefully a non oh-look-at-this-crappy-home-made-thing-you-made-me way).

You should too, you industrious, clever thing!

Some ways to do this: