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Look Ma! No Pattern!

While being at home for Christmas, I've enjoyed not doing much. I am starting to get a bit bored, however. I am looking forward to getting back to the normal swing of things.

This year, I was slightly less Scrooge-y than I have been in the past; so much so, that I wanted to make Christmas cookies:

I think they turned out pretty great, but I wish I had known about these:
..maybe next year.

Below are some hot-pantish PJ bottoms for a gift. This picture was taking just before they were finished; I forgot to get a shot of the finished product. The right picture is much truer to the coloring. They turned out pretty ridiculous.

I didn't realize until just now that one side has the chevron arrows going upward while the other side has them going downward. Seems wrong. Character!

I am planning on trying out some new stuff as well as trying to finish up some already-going-on-stuff in the coming weeks:

*I love this. It looks pretty simple. I'd like to make one for New Years so I can look all special.

*My cat is snoring.

(No I didn't make that.)

*Found this a while ago and wanted to do something like it, or maybe just knock it off completely:



the ice don't melt in mid-December

I'll hopefully have a crafty update soon, but at the moment, I lack the camera for such update.

In the meantime, maybe make these?

Surprisingly easy and fairly tasty too.

This would be a good soundtrack for the baking of your BBB's.

(Found at dailypuppy.com)
Just for good measure.


I never give up, this boy is exhausted.

After spending the entire day doing nothing yesterday (worth it.), I think I'll keep with the theme of procrastination.

I went through some pictures I've been meaning to post of projects in various stages of..doneness.

What I should be doing:

Apparently I deleted those picture from my computer already, so see this previous post.

What I did/plan to do instead:

Another calorimetry. This one's halfway done and I'm running out of the grey yarn.

I am a little stumped as to what color to use for the rest of it, partially because it's a little ugly and at risk of just getting uglier.

Also, I finished this scarf, which spent an impressively short stint on the back burner!
It's on etsy.

Here are some reminders to myself of what I ought to finish up, in no particular order:

Probably one of my favorite skirts.

The two fabrics are cut out for two separate but equal skirts. See the pattern here. I think it's View A.

This is a leaf structured scarf I started..I think right after I graduated.

I will eventually be for my friend Taylor, and is my own semi-tacky version of this.

What we have here is a dress I started..probably before the scarf.

It only lacks a hem and the installation of the zipper/hook-&-eye. It's painful how close I am, and yet..I hope I get to wear it sometime the summer after next.

Here's a picture I only took of a book that apparently is not visible anywhere on the internet (within the first 30 google image search pages) in order to email to a paperbackswap.com user only to realize that you can't attach pictures at paperbackswap.com:

I hope she sees it.


Well, I finished the calorimetries for Stacy. They turned out pretty nice, although the second one (blue) is kind of wonky. I did the exact same gauge as the first, so by all means, this shouldn't have been too difficult. I'll admit, however, that I was watching Little Miss Sunshine during the crucial points of this project.. Perhaps I forgot to move a marker somewhere along the line..

Despite the asymmetry of the blue one, it still looks pretty nice. I placed the button on it a little further away from the end to sort of off-set the weirdness.


Now I'm looking for a new project to start so that I can further push aside the stuff I should be doing. (See previous post.) There's this really great site called ravelry.com, which is a knitting and crocheting community that has just loads of patterns for pretty much anything you can make out of yarn. I forgot about it for a long time until today.


Weekend Recap

In an attempt to keep on task, I'm probably going to start photoblogging here and there. This girl took up most of my morning. I'm not as avid a crafter as her, but I like her array of different interests.

I've had a hyper productive weekend:

I knitted the first of two calorimetries for Stacy: It turned out beautiful! I used a different gauge than called out in the pattern, which has a lot to do with how I finished it so fast. This is definitely one of my favorite projects currently.

Up next, the second, which I hope there is enough of this yarn for.

I plan to start on that second one today in order to play around with the gauge. I'm thinking that those yarns will potentially thicker than the gauge I used on the first.

I also finished a scrub top that I've had on the project list for some time now. It's been complete with the exception of pockets for about 2 weeks. Feels good to get that one taken care of.

I used a hanger for scale to show you that this shirt was in fact made for a giant. I tried to use a quarter, but you couldn't even see it in the picture.. I was almost not tall enough to get this entire shirt in the view of my camera.

Unrelated to crafts, but further evidence that my house is haunted:

Check out the ghost in this photo!

Next sewing project on the menu is another shirt for the same guy, who I've never met. It's an outsourced sewing gig I have.

This particular shirt might be a real thorn in my side, which might be why I have hesitated so hard about getting the pattern ready. I'm drawing the pattern from scratch based on measurements and tracing of the actual shirt. I'm still not sure how I'm going to get those sleeves done with out ripping the shirt to pieces..

I am unsure of why the sleeves are so short. This man has got to be 7 feet tall, but his arms are apparently about 1 foot long. I suppose this could be a 3/4 length sleeve, but I've not seen many men who have shirts like that.. Yes, I'm standing on the table to take this picture.

This is the fabric being used for the new shirt: Plaid is the main fabric and the light blue/periwinkle is the accent color.

Maybe I'll add a few rhinestones to the yoke! No plaid western shirt is complete with out a minimum of 75 rhinestones..

In closing, I'll leave you with this: one of the very few reasons it's nice to be up with the chickens.


I'm wishing I had a good Stick It quote right now..

I accidentally watched Stick It, the gymnastics movie about rebellion on the uneven bars today.

Sometimes things like that happen when I go home for the weekend, where there's the magic of cable television. Woops.

In better news, I have a new second cousin, a little boy who's probably going to grow up to be a hunter. (News 'better' because he was born healthy, not because of the future hobby hypothesis..)

Also, I've finally gotten around to uploading some pictures I took on my trip to NYC, which I'll post below.

I think I could live there for about a year, which has become my tentative goal for the year after next. That gives me roughly enough time to save up for the first month's rent (har, har!)

LinkMost of those shots are from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA, n00bs!), some from St. Patrick's cathedral, and some just from the streets. I have yet to upload my shots of the Mermaid Parade on Coney Island. They should be pretty good.

See also: 'flamboyant', 'glitter', and 'nudity'.

Off to research how many pages are involved in my "Must Read" quest. Or I might watch Terminator II, which just came on.


Off the charts, my mood ring is black.

..has been for much of the day. I do not know what black means, because I don't feel sad or have any thoughts that go with general negativity. I'm actually sort of happy; I mean, it's Friday, and I'm about to be away from this place. It's a beautiful day outside, and I will actually get to see some of it this after noon.

So why the black mood ring? Perhaps it's the state of the world..price of gas..the fact that I can't have a pet..my student loans..who knows. Maybe my hands are just cold.

The countdown begins: Server has been down since yesterday around lunch at work, and yet I still have to be here.. It is currently 2:36 which means I have about 2 hours to go before freedom. (Possibly only an hour and a half..fingers crossed.)

Back to the "Must Read" list of books, I wonder if an audiobook would count? I found a site that has several! My initial thought is yes it would count: hearing the book would mean you know what it is about, could summarize it in conversation, look smart, etc. However, I think I may go with no it does not count: when hearing things being read aloud for long periods of time, listeners tend to block out what's going on and daydream instead. When I refer to 'listeners', I am of course referring to myself and no one else. My mind wanders.. It's doing it right now.

Through the course of today, I've had the leisure of reading several short stories from my Nonrequired book. I've also Stumbled across several cool sites. (But really, when do you not find something really on Stumble?)

I found this, which piqued my interest for a few minutes, because it combines two thoroughly awesome things: craft materials and break dancing. Word.

After work, I will be taking back the streets at a sports bar with some coworkers. I'll have the "Snake Bite". Guinness and some type of cider, which may sound as bad as a real snake bite, but is in fact quite tasty. I'm on the edge of my seat.

Also on schedule this weekend: finally getting around to going through my NYC pictures.

It is now 3:49 and I'm trembling with pre-weekend work apathy now. Time to shutdown.

In case those pictures did not load with links, the first is from gapingvoid.com, and the second was done on graffiticreator.net.