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Lately I've been working a lot on new fabric designs to post on my Spoonflower page. I have had a few people order some yardage of my fabric in the past year, which is always super exciting. However, I've never had the privilege of seeing any of my designs in a finished product until now.

Check out the link for the first finished product I've ever seen that included my fabric! It's a quilt made with zombie fabrics no less! Good god I love that.


Oh hi, internet.

Just popped in for a quick update while I'm at home between opening and closing shifts at work (barf).

Firstly, I made a lab coat for a stuffed shark for some dude on reddit a few weeks ago. Don't ask me why. It was a weird project and I tend to like those. Anyway today, I finally saw the pics he took and they are great! (I can't believe it actually fit.) (I am AWESOME.) Here is the photo montage!

Next, I've been mostly working on some stuff for my friend Sara's new business.

(item tags)

(preliminary fun brand work)

That's kind of it. I'm also working on something special and secret for a good friend's upcoming baby. But I'm not quite ready to reveal it yet. I'm also trying to do more of these tutorials as I have time. It's my goal to get completely through the list by the end of the year.


Bi-monthly update

Hello there, internet. Once again, I've neglected this blog in favor of reddit, spoonflower, hulu, and twitter. After working what seems like all the time, I don't usually have the energy to get creative with words for you. I can barely sentence! :sigh:

Nonetheless, here are some short sentences which tell you what I've been up to and what I wish to be up to. That was the longest sentence in this post.

Here's this: I want to make many! It looks wonderful and fragile!

Here's this fabric I designed! I like Russian nesting dolls a lot and wanted to make some fabric that looks similar to my Matryoshka tattoo.

I am so in love with Spoonflower and its infinite possibilities. Maybe I'll actually purchase something from them larger than a swatch sometime.. So far, I've been really happy with the quality of prints they offer, I just can't currently justify paying $18/yd. You can see my shop here if you like. If you have never perused this site, I highly recommend it. Just don't look at the prices. They recently revamped the site (it's particularly noticeable on the shop profile) and I love it even more now!

Lastly, here's a dinosaur crochet baby hat pattern I found recently. Talk about falling hard for something. This hat is FREAKING ADORBS. Below is a crappy phone-shot of mine. I've got multiple pregnant friends in my life right now and they're all getting one of these badboys.

I think that's enough for now. See you in 2 months!


So I just moved..

..like three weeks ago. I've been meaning to post these pictures for ages, but I've been busy! Sue me, blog. Jeez. Anyway, the new place rules. It's a two bedroom duplex and my only roommate is Samwich. I. love. it.

I've been arting and crafting a lot lately so expect some updates (I hope?) soon.


Tonight the neon answers flare, Occasionally we stop and stare past tiny paintings, painted where the clouds were wrong,

With killer stares and sideways frowns,
In keeping with, the universe all upside down, twice (twice, twice)
And broken legs and arms in slings,
You cry secretly, you won't wear my diamond rings why (why, why)?

A billion cares, a thousand stings
we lie frequently,
Choose the chapter where he starts
Fight (fight, fight)
Two millionaires have bought this town and changed everything.
I found you in a lost and found,
Why why why!
-Architecture in Helsinki, "Tiny Paintings"

Random update!

I've obviously been out of blogging for a while. Since July, I've gotten a full-time job at Christie Cookies here in Nashville. I get to do their graphic design in addition to their regular business, so I've kept myself pretty busy for the past several months.

Here's one thing that I did complete out of no where the other day. A good friend of mine inspired me with a beautiful painting of 64 doors so I thought I'd give it a try. But naturally with robots. And on a miniature scale. So it goes. Enjoy!

Acrylic paint, 2.5 x 2.5"


DC, finally

Here are some photos I took in DC. My camera's getting worse every time I try to use it, and maybe I am too.

National Portrait Gallery, from the floor.

Renwick Gallery, part of the Smithsonian Museum.

Wild Bill, Presidents' exhibit of the National Portrait Gallery.

Close up of a silk installation piece at Renwick. It's kind of dumb that I don't remember who the artist is.

Perty houses.

Virginia has the best welcome sign. But their interstate only goes up to 65.

Tiled wall bordering a park in Stacy's neighborhood.

Prettiest dessert I ever did have! (Red Rocks)

Awesome concrete-writing fail. It looks like it says "fuck everything", but it actually says "luck everything". Rawr!

4 days is not enough. This was my second trip to DC. Not pictured is the Thao and Mirah show we went to for Stacy's birthday. Divine!