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Oh, my pregnant head.


On this sunny 80 degree Sunday, I decided to wake up with an angry migraine. In lieu of lounging in the sun like I'd like to be doing, I'm trying to stay in and feel better. So since I don't feel like doing much of anything, but would still like to be slightly productive, below is the exciting progress on my B5324 dress. It's looking like this will work out. Beware the particularly precarious photography.

This piece is called the "upper front" which is appropriate, but sounds weird to me.

Here it is in pieces..

Here is is in fewer pieces. I am physically unable to hold a camera steadily when the flash is off, but I promise this dress is not blurry in real life.

The pattern and instructions for this dress reminded me of why I don't usually buy Butterick patterns. The instructions include several steps that I skipped, and there were several pattern pieces I didn't end up using. Despite the sort of confusing pattern, I'm pretty happy with how this dress is coming together, and especially the fit I've achieved so far. All with just the right amount of "character". It lacks the installation of the skirt lining, a hem, and a whole slew of handstitching, but should be ready for the wedding I'm attending next weekend.


xo.sorcha.ox said...

Wow, I LOVE this dress! You did a fantastic job. How I wish I could sew! I keep telling myself I need to get a sewing machine so I can learn, followed by me telling myself not to bother because I will never find the time...(sigh)
Cant wait to see more creations!

lovepossum said...

i really like your dress! looks so nice and i also wish i could make something like that and wear it out! totally inspiring!

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