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Well well, we meet again.

I don't have much of an update tonight because I'm moving tomorrow A.M. and almost everything I want to play with is packed. I'm actually quite anxious about this move, though I'm sure it will go fairly smoothly. Utilities are all turned on (new house), the house I'm leaving is in relatively good shape (though I'm sure the panic will set in when I wake up tomorrow..), and I totally fixed the hole I tore in the paint in my bedroom. Still, despite everyone that's helping me and the excitement to move to the new house, I still kind of feel like I'm doing this on my own. Oh, and I haven't heard back from the future landlord yet regarding when I can pick up the key, which scares me a lot little. Think happy thoughts..

In any case, not much crafting or sewing going on right now, I've resigned to playing DS and trying to imagine how much I can fit in that box over there. Have I mentioned how much this moving has consumed me?

I'd like my first new-house-happy project to be the Coin Quilt I linked earlier. It might be nice to start off in a new house with a new blankie. (This would be a small adult sized blankie, of course. I ain't got no baby.)

One last thing before I sign off for the night because cute animals lower my stress level, and perhaps they do yours too:

Look at those ears! want!

I promise to post a real post as soon as have all of my possessions under one roof. :)


Debbie in Nashville said...

That is so cute! My dog's ears stand up sometimes like that and it is so cute! I'm glad you like the hamster on my page. I was so exciting when I found it. I kept renaming it too! Did you click on the cage to feed her?

Ruth said...

Good luck with your move and the dog is so cute.

Bloggette said...

Holy crap! I just fell in love, which seems to be happening more and more lately but with men and not adorable animals. This means that this one, particular, love will last lifetimes. I want one! I will name him/her Megatron...it is decided.

lovepossum said...

iiieeee!!! sooo cute!! love the picture of the poochini! i pulled a sick day yesterday to go surfing and bumped into the guy who owns the surf shop were i bought my board. he had his "son's" black miniature poodle "Kiki" and was so much fun to be around! all the best with the shift, keep it simple and have tea breaks :)

Anonymous said...

Hope that your move went well! I'm weird -- I actually love packing and unpacking :)

xo.sorcha.ox said...

After a very busy day at work, suffering the worst hayfever in the history of the world, I'm glad I took the time to stumble across your blog (again), because your puppy made me smile! :)
And now I am going to head home and spend some time with my own dog! :)

(sorcha, Swap-Bot)

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