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Long weekend update

It's been a while since I felt like I needed a break from my weekend, which is my current sentiment. Roommate's birthday was Thursday, so we went out to dinner at the beautiful Margot in east Nashville, followed by drinks at Red Door. Twas an evening to remember, and I hope someone did.

Friday night Boyfriend played with his band Vermicious K'nids at my favorite east Nashville bar, 5 spot. I found a new band to love called Elsinore, from Illinois. I'll be checking them out in the near future.

Finally, last night (Saturday), K'nids played at some house show at an Alice in Wonderland themed party. That recap brings us to now, Sunday evening. I's exhausted!

Below are some photos of things I did/finished this weekend. I may party a lot, but at least I am productive..sort of.Stuffed giraffe for my cousin's upcoming infant..

I'm probably going to try to mail it tomorrow..

if I can convince myself to not keep it.

Glass beaded bracelets for etsy.

PS, this is not Boyfriend's band, but is something I found while googling it. Hilarious. Also, this. Because you should be more pumped about the new Alice in Wonderland coming out next Friday.

More later, mabes!


So I've been toying around with etsy a bit today (surprise?) and I finally figured out how to make a Treasury list! Excuse the shameless self promotion..

Take a look here!

Nothing means nothing to me.

-dr. dog

Quick update while at work..

Cupcake Death pouch made for a swap. Hope she likes it!

Custom felt brooch I made for a swap. I uploaded it to etsy!

Found art with silhouette scissor cutout for swap. I really hope she likes this; it was hard to give it away.
Measures 3 x 4", super tiny! I did the cutout myself!


Well, this will be a short update since I'm at work.

Last night at Mercy Lounge, my boyfriend's band, The Non-Commissioned Officers, won a battle of the bands and will be playing at Bonnaroo this year. Excitement ensues! This may be the year I brave Bonnaroo after all.

You can find their music at this website. They originally formed as the soundtrack for a movie called Make-Out With Violence, which was just picked up by a distributor and will hopefully be going to DVD at some point in the future. It's a zombie love story, and I don't have to tell you that it is quite awesome.

Hopefully I'll have a makey crafty update tomorrow.


My dear you are artificial, just like your intelligence.


I just bought this for an upcoming baby shower. Adorable!!

Not much else is new, as you can imagine in one day. I did make something for Boyfriend for a belated Valentine's day gift, which I'll post a pic of once I've given it to him. Hint: I'm getting a lot better at using the x-acto knife. As a general rule, I'm not good with sharp edges. I'm hopelessly clumsy.

Hopefully after the other baby shower gift I'm working on and the 9 swaps I'm supposed to make something for, I'm hoping to get back on track with making (and actually posting) things for TheCraftateria. Does anyone else have trouble with posting items on etsy? I have trouble talking about the things I make.

In any case, I've been working on some graphics for some cutesy sticker sheets that I'd like to sell and use for packaging if I ever sell anything again, so maybe you'll see that in the near future.



FYI: I should not have gotten up today. The streets are a disgusting icy mess. I got passed by a large SUV on probably the curviest/hilliest road in Nashville, the jerk.

In lighter news, I had a really nice weekend and managed to finish the dress from hell. (See previous post.) And, it's only 34 days until Spring! And, I'm making spinach lasagna for dinner!

I've got a couple of new projects up my sleeve (two of which are for baby showers this coming weekend) so stay tuned.

Stay warm, don't drive anywhere, sleep in.


I drink much more than I ought to drink, because it brings me back you.

-Jeff Buckley

Happy Valentine's Day.

Do you remember that guy who ate an entire plane over a span of 40 years for the Guinness Book of World Records? I was reminded of him this morning when I looked at my everything bagel and noticed a tiny piece of the purple sparkly sheer fabric currently being used on a dress stuck to the cream cheese. This fabric is everywhere in my house. It's in the bathroom, it's in my bedroom, it's in the kitchen. Once I saw Sammy track some of it onto my bed. And now I have to think that I've probably inadvertently eaten enough of this awful stuff in a week to create a second dress.


Below are some photos of said dress. This dress has been a pretty painless project with a couple small exceptions. First, the turnaround time requested was just stupid short. I got this project on 2/5 and need to drop it off tomorrow, 2/14. Uncool. Second, I did the sleeves the wrong color, to my nauseated surprise. Just read the instructions wrong, woopsies! So I got to do those twice in record speed. On the bright side, at least I realized this before I attached them to the dress and sent it on. That could have been super worse. I could have spilled coffee or bleach on it. I could have accidentally set it on fire. I could have dropped it into a shredder. But I didn't.

I do not posess a dress form large enough for the recipient of this dress, so this is perhaps a little misleading. It more than likely will not look like a baggy mess. Mess, sure, but baggy, not.

Since it's due tomorrow and still currently in...eight pieces, I suppose I'll get going.

whitney OUT.


Snowy crafty update!

Above are a couple of photos I took of previously completed projects as well as one I'm working on now. The skull and bird are part of the embroidery installation I'm working on. Can I even call it an "installation" if I don't currently have a place to show it?

I've got a couple more ideas I haven't started stitching and some I haven't even drawn yet.
Pretty soon, I'm going to run into problems finding the supplies I need at Hobby Lobby. Tiny embroidery hoops are surprisingly rare.

The other photo is an applique I'm working on for a swap. It will hopefully be a zippered pouch soon.

Seeing as Nashville was pretty incapacitated over the weekend by the 4" of snow/ice, my roommate Sara and I were overly productive. Below are two pairs of earrings I made for TheCraftateria. I really fell in love with making earrings for some reason (despite almost never wearing any), so you'll probably see more of that coming in the future.

In the new projects category, I have a couple baby things I need to make before the 20th and 21st. One's a girl and one's a boy, both with giraffe/safari themed nurseries, so I'm going to make them both giraffe stuffies. I'm starting with this pattern and adding to it, I think. I'm thinking I'm going to applique the giraffe spots onto my main fabrics for a little more detail. Maybe. This depends strongly on how long it takes me to do the following project:

I was petitioned to make this dress (View C, top left) for some high school kid in a play. She needs it by 2/14.

I have to venture down to Murfreesboro to get the fabric tonight so I can get started on it. It looks simple enough, but the fabric choice may be a little difficult if it is actually pink sparkly lace like I was told yesterday, and the lack of fitting time kind of sucks. We'll see. I'll either be swearing a lot in the coming posts or..slightly proud?