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I’m not what you think I am I’m the king of Siam

Well well, we meet again.

I don't have much of an update tonight because I'm moving tomorrow A.M. and almost everything I want to play with is packed. I'm actually quite anxious about this move, though I'm sure it will go fairly smoothly. Utilities are all turned on (new house), the house I'm leaving is in relatively good shape (though I'm sure the panic will set in when I wake up tomorrow..), and I totally fixed the hole I tore in the paint in my bedroom. Still, despite everyone that's helping me and the excitement to move to the new house, I still kind of feel like I'm doing this on my own. Oh, and I haven't heard back from the future landlord yet regarding when I can pick up the key, which scares me a lot little. Think happy thoughts..

In any case, not much crafting or sewing going on right now, I've resigned to playing DS and trying to imagine how much I can fit in that box over there. Have I mentioned how much this moving has consumed me?

I'd like my first new-house-happy project to be the Coin Quilt I linked earlier. It might be nice to start off in a new house with a new blankie. (This would be a small adult sized blankie, of course. I ain't got no baby.)

One last thing before I sign off for the night because cute animals lower my stress level, and perhaps they do yours too:

Look at those ears! want!

I promise to post a real post as soon as have all of my possessions under one roof. :)


Zippered pouch porn..

Every post seems to start out about the same, so I've decided to start out this and possibly future posts with something a little different. Probably a little random because it tends to be my style.

First, random: Remember Marriedtothesea? It's been a couple years since I followed this webcomic, but today we reunited, however briefly. Their comics along with the original Toothpastefordinner, range from probably-too-smart-for-me to omg-hilarious. In any case, here's a recent gem:

I am still unsure of how to properly give credit to authors of sites and images without "hotlinking". So I have not linked this image. However, I hope it's pretty evident if you've read anything above: this ain't mine, it's Marriedtothesea.com's.

Now on with the update..

Another "art scarf" made while I was on vacation..

Yes, it's a little wonky, no judging. That's a geometric interior pocket you're seeing.

Finally onto the most recent addition:
(I'll probably have a tutorial of this up soon, but I need to supplement some photographs..)

Today, despite the amazing cooler-than-ever-imagined-for-Tennessee weather, I stayed inside and sewed. At least for a large chunk of it. (wtf, I know.)

This is what I came up with: probably my favorite rendition of the patchwork zippered pouch. It's clutch sized and holds my cellphone, cards, dollars, and chapstick.

Measures about 4 by 8" and has 33 of my favorite fabrics.

You put stuff in this area of the pouch.

Tutorial soon!


I can only think of a title if I have a song in my head.

The city limits don't actually start in the water, but should.

Still in Ponte Vedra, Fl and enjoying my vacation... I am however a tad sunburnt and starting to feel the major pangs of craft withdrawal.

I'll keep this short because the benedryl is starting to kick in: I tried to eat a datil pepper today, not knowing what I was about to embark upon. I'm not too phobic of spicy food, but this was by far the hottest thing I've ever put in my mouth ("that's what she said," I know). My lips were numb for about 5 minutes.

When I get back after the inevitable movie night and bike ride I'll go on, I'd like to make this scarf and I don't know, twenty or so of these? Those on top of the other things I'd like to make (see previous post).

More later, but I'll try to actually wait until I have some craft related update rather than just "Oh, I'd like to do a little of this, and maybe a little of that later.."

PS, we ate here tonight, and it was magnanimous.