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Look Ma! No Pattern!

While being at home for Christmas, I've enjoyed not doing much. I am starting to get a bit bored, however. I am looking forward to getting back to the normal swing of things.

This year, I was slightly less Scrooge-y than I have been in the past; so much so, that I wanted to make Christmas cookies:

I think they turned out pretty great, but I wish I had known about these:
..maybe next year.

Below are some hot-pantish PJ bottoms for a gift. This picture was taking just before they were finished; I forgot to get a shot of the finished product. The right picture is much truer to the coloring. They turned out pretty ridiculous.

I didn't realize until just now that one side has the chevron arrows going upward while the other side has them going downward. Seems wrong. Character!

I am planning on trying out some new stuff as well as trying to finish up some already-going-on-stuff in the coming weeks:

*I love this. It looks pretty simple. I'd like to make one for New Years so I can look all special.

*My cat is snoring.

(No I didn't make that.)

*Found this a while ago and wanted to do something like it, or maybe just knock it off completely:



the ice don't melt in mid-December

I'll hopefully have a crafty update soon, but at the moment, I lack the camera for such update.

In the meantime, maybe make these?

Surprisingly easy and fairly tasty too.

This would be a good soundtrack for the baking of your BBB's.

(Found at dailypuppy.com)
Just for good measure.


I never give up, this boy is exhausted.

After spending the entire day doing nothing yesterday (worth it.), I think I'll keep with the theme of procrastination.

I went through some pictures I've been meaning to post of projects in various stages of..doneness.

What I should be doing:

Apparently I deleted those picture from my computer already, so see this previous post.

What I did/plan to do instead:

Another calorimetry. This one's halfway done and I'm running out of the grey yarn.

I am a little stumped as to what color to use for the rest of it, partially because it's a little ugly and at risk of just getting uglier.

Also, I finished this scarf, which spent an impressively short stint on the back burner!
It's on etsy.

Here are some reminders to myself of what I ought to finish up, in no particular order:

Probably one of my favorite skirts.

The two fabrics are cut out for two separate but equal skirts. See the pattern here. I think it's View A.

This is a leaf structured scarf I started..I think right after I graduated.

I will eventually be for my friend Taylor, and is my own semi-tacky version of this.

What we have here is a dress I started..probably before the scarf.

It only lacks a hem and the installation of the zipper/hook-&-eye. It's painful how close I am, and yet..I hope I get to wear it sometime the summer after next.

Here's a picture I only took of a book that apparently is not visible anywhere on the internet (within the first 30 google image search pages) in order to email to a paperbackswap.com user only to realize that you can't attach pictures at paperbackswap.com:

I hope she sees it.