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DC, finally

Here are some photos I took in DC. My camera's getting worse every time I try to use it, and maybe I am too.

National Portrait Gallery, from the floor.

Renwick Gallery, part of the Smithsonian Museum.

Wild Bill, Presidents' exhibit of the National Portrait Gallery.

Close up of a silk installation piece at Renwick. It's kind of dumb that I don't remember who the artist is.

Perty houses.

Virginia has the best welcome sign. But their interstate only goes up to 65.

Tiled wall bordering a park in Stacy's neighborhood.

Prettiest dessert I ever did have! (Red Rocks)

Awesome concrete-writing fail. It looks like it says "fuck everything", but it actually says "luck everything". Rawr!

4 days is not enough. This was my second trip to DC. Not pictured is the Thao and Mirah show we went to for Stacy's birthday. Divine!