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I can only think of a title if I have a song in my head.

The city limits don't actually start in the water, but should.

Still in Ponte Vedra, Fl and enjoying my vacation... I am however a tad sunburnt and starting to feel the major pangs of craft withdrawal.

I'll keep this short because the benedryl is starting to kick in: I tried to eat a datil pepper today, not knowing what I was about to embark upon. I'm not too phobic of spicy food, but this was by far the hottest thing I've ever put in my mouth ("that's what she said," I know). My lips were numb for about 5 minutes.

When I get back after the inevitable movie night and bike ride I'll go on, I'd like to make this scarf and I don't know, twenty or so of these? Those on top of the other things I'd like to make (see previous post).

More later, but I'll try to actually wait until I have some craft related update rather than just "Oh, I'd like to do a little of this, and maybe a little of that later.."

PS, we ate here tonight, and it was magnanimous.


katielyn said...

I totally understand about craft withdrawls! I also like how you change your font size in a post for comments on photos and then your actual words- I might try that out on mine!

Adorntonia said...

I am having craft withdrawls too. I'm trying to get back into the wonderful world of jewelry making but I can't seem to find the time. Also I want to go into some other crafty things like embrodery. Sounds fun!!!

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