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Snowy crafty update!

Above are a couple of photos I took of previously completed projects as well as one I'm working on now. The skull and bird are part of the embroidery installation I'm working on. Can I even call it an "installation" if I don't currently have a place to show it?

I've got a couple more ideas I haven't started stitching and some I haven't even drawn yet.
Pretty soon, I'm going to run into problems finding the supplies I need at Hobby Lobby. Tiny embroidery hoops are surprisingly rare.

The other photo is an applique I'm working on for a swap. It will hopefully be a zippered pouch soon.

Seeing as Nashville was pretty incapacitated over the weekend by the 4" of snow/ice, my roommate Sara and I were overly productive. Below are two pairs of earrings I made for TheCraftateria. I really fell in love with making earrings for some reason (despite almost never wearing any), so you'll probably see more of that coming in the future.

In the new projects category, I have a couple baby things I need to make before the 20th and 21st. One's a girl and one's a boy, both with giraffe/safari themed nurseries, so I'm going to make them both giraffe stuffies. I'm starting with this pattern and adding to it, I think. I'm thinking I'm going to applique the giraffe spots onto my main fabrics for a little more detail. Maybe. This depends strongly on how long it takes me to do the following project:

I was petitioned to make this dress (View C, top left) for some high school kid in a play. She needs it by 2/14.

I have to venture down to Murfreesboro to get the fabric tonight so I can get started on it. It looks simple enough, but the fabric choice may be a little difficult if it is actually pink sparkly lace like I was told yesterday, and the lack of fitting time kind of sucks. We'll see. I'll either be swearing a lot in the coming posts or..slightly proud?


AliasLottie said...

I'm AliasLotte from swapbot.
Love the earrings - they are beautiful. :D

Whitney said...

Hi, thanks for reading and the kind comment!

Anonymous said...

I'm Liz (lizziefx) from Swap-Bot I love those earrings!! I'm glad you had the time to make them - even though I am sure you could have done without the snow!

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