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I drink much more than I ought to drink, because it brings me back you.

-Jeff Buckley

Happy Valentine's Day.

Do you remember that guy who ate an entire plane over a span of 40 years for the Guinness Book of World Records? I was reminded of him this morning when I looked at my everything bagel and noticed a tiny piece of the purple sparkly sheer fabric currently being used on a dress stuck to the cream cheese. This fabric is everywhere in my house. It's in the bathroom, it's in my bedroom, it's in the kitchen. Once I saw Sammy track some of it onto my bed. And now I have to think that I've probably inadvertently eaten enough of this awful stuff in a week to create a second dress.


Below are some photos of said dress. This dress has been a pretty painless project with a couple small exceptions. First, the turnaround time requested was just stupid short. I got this project on 2/5 and need to drop it off tomorrow, 2/14. Uncool. Second, I did the sleeves the wrong color, to my nauseated surprise. Just read the instructions wrong, woopsies! So I got to do those twice in record speed. On the bright side, at least I realized this before I attached them to the dress and sent it on. That could have been super worse. I could have spilled coffee or bleach on it. I could have accidentally set it on fire. I could have dropped it into a shredder. But I didn't.

I do not posess a dress form large enough for the recipient of this dress, so this is perhaps a little misleading. It more than likely will not look like a baggy mess. Mess, sure, but baggy, not.

Since it's due tomorrow and still currently in...eight pieces, I suppose I'll get going.

whitney OUT.


Angie said...

Hi, I am lullabye123 from Swap-bot Be My Blog Follower swap.

I live in Nashville also. :)

I hope you got the dress finished! I enjoyed reading your blog. I have come across SO many talented people through these blog swaps.

kimhoay said...

Hello! This is Kimhoay from swapbot (and blogger) I love your creations and look forward to your future posts!

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm gypsymouse from Swap-Bot. I hope the dress turned out the way you envisioned it!

Sammy is adorable!

Whitney said...

Thanks for your comments! The dress was finished on Sunday with very little headache. :)

Sammy is the best cat ever.

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