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FYI: I should not have gotten up today. The streets are a disgusting icy mess. I got passed by a large SUV on probably the curviest/hilliest road in Nashville, the jerk.

In lighter news, I had a really nice weekend and managed to finish the dress from hell. (See previous post.) And, it's only 34 days until Spring! And, I'm making spinach lasagna for dinner!

I've got a couple of new projects up my sleeve (two of which are for baby showers this coming weekend) so stay tuned.

Stay warm, don't drive anywhere, sleep in.


MIchelle said...

I felt like that this morning too.. "shouldnt have gotten up this morning". I have a 5 year old and 9 month old that were soooo whiney today! I was ready for nighttime about 9am..lol..
Anyways, im Michelle (michellekincaide) from swap bot and I am now following your blog. Hope you will also follow mine :)

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