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Oh hi, internet.

Just popped in for a quick update while I'm at home between opening and closing shifts at work (barf).

Firstly, I made a lab coat for a stuffed shark for some dude on reddit a few weeks ago. Don't ask me why. It was a weird project and I tend to like those. Anyway today, I finally saw the pics he took and they are great! (I can't believe it actually fit.) (I am AWESOME.) Here is the photo montage!

Next, I've been mostly working on some stuff for my friend Sara's new business.

(item tags)

(preliminary fun brand work)

That's kind of it. I'm also working on something special and secret for a good friend's upcoming baby. But I'm not quite ready to reveal it yet. I'm also trying to do more of these tutorials as I have time. It's my goal to get completely through the list by the end of the year.


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