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Hello all! This has been some absence, huh?

Well, I've been busy going a few different places and cleaning up my craft space. There are about 12 different projects that I've started just cluttering up my table so before starting anything new, I'm working on getting rid of that stuff. Also, I'm working on finding a job (which is not what I want to spend my time on, but so it goes..) as well.

Below are some photos of things I've been working on:

Was: Pillow Case
Is: Dress!

Close up of paisley pattern. I love the warm colors!

Here's a pouch I sewed today. It's only been in cut-out pieces for like, 6 months.

Yesterday I finished a skirt that had been in pieces since I lived at my other house in Murfreesboro (almost a year!)

Yikes, I'm a little behind.

In other news, I finally deleted my myspace account yesterday. I forgot all about that! I wonder if I still have a livejournal/xanga/deadjournal out there somewhere. (Yes, I had an account with all of those sites. I was young, leave me alone!)

Next post (immediate, I swear) will include photos of DC and possibly East TN. This interface is not conducive for adding lots of photos in each post.