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Recap of Etsy party

Well, it's been an interesting and eventful weekend/week! On Friday the 18th, we had our Etsy Craft Party in honor of Etsy's (sixth?) birthday. It turned out great. We met a lot of people with many different interests and talents. I repeat: it turned out great. Here are some pictures my roommate Sara and I took of the event.

We received a box of party supplies from Etsy because our event was one of the top 50 on Meetup.com. (18th to be exact.) This box had some really cool stuff in it, which we were able to share with our guests. We got a silk-screening kit, a ton of glass paints, and various etsy and Pabst themed handouts.

Here I am freaking out about the kit we got.

Glass paint pens in my TheCraftateria jar I started but did not finish. Hopefully I'll have a better picture of the soon-to-be finished jar.

Cookie decorating supplies.

I made a banner for our porch from fabric scraps. It will hang there forever.

This is the result of the silk screening.

It seems like no one had really had any experience with this before, but after a try or two, we were all instantly hooked. I would love to be able to make my own screens. Perhaps a new hobby is about to be formed. (Because we all know I don't have enough things to learn how to do.)
A new friend brought a button-making machine. I love her.

Brooke (roommate #2) did henna!

She also made these marshmallow treats. They were stupid cute.

There was even someone doing face painting! Our party was just shy of a county fair.

We made a lot of new friends, and will definitely be doing more parties like this in the future. Of the new friends we made, one of them is hosting a book making party next month! I'm pretty interested in this and hope to be able to attend. Hopefully there will be a post about this soon!

Up next: Washington DC!