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"If you're not going to be here on Friday, don't bother coming in on Monday" -Burns

"Woohoo, four day weekend!" - Homer Simpson

Well due to some unforeseen circumstances (mainly, I was fired.), I will be updating here a lot more often. To anyone interested, I was fired from my job for applying for a new job. I got a severance package and I'm no longer working where I didn't want to be. It will probably be awful later but right now, it's not so bad.

I just won a Polaroid Cool Cam on shopgoodwill.com, and if I can ever find some film, I'll get to use it! If anyone has any suggestions for a cheap place to by Polaroid film, I'd love to hear them.

Not much new has happened in the way of crafts lately, I've just been catching up on some projects that have I've been behind in. I'll be working on a pair of pants for a friend's wedding and some new projects shortly, which I'm really excited about. My roommates and I are selling stuff at a convention in October so I'll be periodically preparing for that by making stuffed robots and some other things. (See the original robot post here.)

More later!