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Being newly jobless seems to work sort of well for me. I have been pretty busy lately with some sewing projects and a few random art projects. So far, I've been spending about 5 hours a day working in our workspace. I'm finding that staying busy and trying to keep a regular work/sleep schedule is helpful. It's such a weird feeling to not have to be anywhere! Below are some pictures of what I've been up to lately.A couple friends of mine are getting married in a little over a week. The Bride asked me to alter her dress, which is a vintage taffeta beauty. I have no idea what era it is from, but I'm going to blindly guess the 50's. It's lovely. I changed the neckline from a high V-neck to a scoop and altered the underarms so that there were less..stains.

I'm pretty proud of it, I hope she likes what I've done.

I'm also making the pants that the Groom will be wearing. From scratch. I should be cutting these out today and hopefully won't have much trouble with them. There are two bound pockets on the back, which is slightly intimidating since I haven't done those since..probably my costume class back in school, but everything else seems kosher.
I love the hand of the fabric he chose.

Here are some unfinished robots I've been working on from my very own Killing Machine pattern. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this army yet. Probably etsy I guess?

Army of sentinels!

Here are some collages that needed work. I finally finished a few up! I am in love with the bird one.
After I am done with sewing these things, I plan to develop some stickers to sell on etsy. Below is a button/banner I designed for TheCraftateria.

Finally, my next project will be something from this fabric..

I've got 2 yards. Ideas?


Angie said...

Your button/badge is adorable!
I love the dress, so pretty.
And definitely etsy the robots. Too cute.

I have given you the sunsshine award on my blog!


Wow, Whitney! You've been super productive. Love seeing this!

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