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So fresh and so clean, clean.

So here it is mid-winter in beautiful Tennessee. I'm over it. We don't get snow, we get rain and mush. Occasionally we get ice on our unsalted backroads. It's gross and mean.

My skin, hair, and nails are so dry that no (however copious) amount of lotion or product is going to fix this. It's lame and I'm sick of it. And: Glee is not back on until April. April?

I've decided to start thinking about Spring so I'll be good and ready for March 20th, the official first day of the season. This includes first and foremost: the ever appropriate cleaning. Our house has not gotten as untidy as I would have expected for three ADD crafters like ourselves, but it does deserve a good wipe down. I'm probably going to be putting some supplies for sale on our etsy site in order to declutter.

In other news, I got a cat, who's awesome. Her name is Samwich, or Sammy. This crappy photo is courtesy of my blackberry!

This is what I've been up to lately.

There's a few other embroidery things I've done that aren't pictured. Maybe I'll win the lottery and buy a sweet camera and upload the new pics!

Up next:

Baby stuff for 2 babies I know being borned soonish. I think one is a girl and I know the other is a boy. I have no idea what to make. Suggestions?


Mousevox Vintage said...

Yay for the new kitty and embroidery! The pieces I featured on my blog are not my own (the source links are under the pictures if you want to see where they came from). I'm learning, though! You should come over for one of my crafty ladies nights in. I could probably learn a thing or 2from you!

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