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Here's an update to the Entrelac scarf:

I can't believe how much this scarf reminds me of neopolitan ice cream. I just added the second skein so I suppose I'm about halfway through. It's 70 degrees out, this sunny windy February day, so that possibly justifies getting ice cream..

Also, I randomly found a couple more knitting related charities I wanted to add:

warmupamerica.com - Accepting knitted or crocheted afghans, or afghan parts, i.e. blocks that you haven't assembled into a full fledged blanket. I love this because not only does it promote keeping donations local, but there are no (as far as I could tell) stipulations to what types of yarn or blankets they want.

savethechildren.org - This charity collects tiny knitted caps to be given to premature babies worldwide. They also ask that the contributor write a letter to Barack Obama asking him to consider women's and babies' health on a larger scale. Though I care about both women and babies, I'm a little on the fence about asking the government to spend anymore money on programs we possibly can't afford even for a good cause, so I may hold off on that for now. But I'm totally down for knitting baby hats.