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Zombie, zombie, zombie? Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, oh, oh,

Not so much crafting or sewing going on lately.. Things have been a bit busier than I can wrap my mind around. While I digest my ideas and obligations..here's some random news.

I've been asked to come up with some clothing designs for a guy at work's side project, so I'm pretty excited about that. It's called Teaching Young People Obligations. I can definitely dig an organization/company that has the goal of bettering the community. I wish their acronym weren't "TYPO", but what can you do.. I don't know how serious he is or how far he is into planning this potential clothing endeavor, but this could be a great way to expand my (meager at best) portfolio. I'm going to probably start brainstorming on this this weekend.

On a completely different subject, I have come across several deals recently that I thought I'd share with any other frugal junk-eaters in the area:

Mrs. Winners (Nolensville) charged me $3.47 for a #1 meal that says it's $4.49 + tax on the menu. I didn't register the savings until after I drove off, so I am unable to give an explanation for this discount right now.

Subway (Nolensville) added chips and a drink for free with the purchase of my 6" sub on Wednesday.

Chick-fil-a (Brentwood) has Free Coffee Fridays apparently. I do not know if this is a universal Chick-fil-a thing, but I intend to find out.

Finally, possibly the most needed light-news I've heard in a while: