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Let me hold it close and keep it here with me

Today brought the completion of another garment that's been almost done for..long enough for me to wonder if it would still fit.

Admittedly, I'm a little rusty on zippers (unintentional pun alert). See below the first try's "zipper butt", a phenomenon which occurs when pieces of fabric seemingly (not a pun, but wishing it were) the same size end up vastly different sizes when applied to a zipper. The result is a weird bunchy pocket of fabric on one side of the zipper..


Other than that, this was quite the quick finish. The only way I'd be more excited about this dress would be it were maybe made of cake. Yeah, a cake dress would rock. This one's cotton though..still cool.

My final aim for this dress will be to have it fit when it's warm enough to wear it outside..


Rachel C. said...

that fabric! it's so pretty.

fyi: use a little washable basting tape and spray adhesive to put the zipper in place before actually sewing. gives me bunch free results every time!

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