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Well, I finished the calorimetries for Stacy. They turned out pretty nice, although the second one (blue) is kind of wonky. I did the exact same gauge as the first, so by all means, this shouldn't have been too difficult. I'll admit, however, that I was watching Little Miss Sunshine during the crucial points of this project.. Perhaps I forgot to move a marker somewhere along the line..

Despite the asymmetry of the blue one, it still looks pretty nice. I placed the button on it a little further away from the end to sort of off-set the weirdness.


Now I'm looking for a new project to start so that I can further push aside the stuff I should be doing. (See previous post.) There's this really great site called ravelry.com, which is a knitting and crocheting community that has just loads of patterns for pretty much anything you can make out of yarn. I forgot about it for a long time until today.