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Weekend Recap

In an attempt to keep on task, I'm probably going to start photoblogging here and there. This girl took up most of my morning. I'm not as avid a crafter as her, but I like her array of different interests.

I've had a hyper productive weekend:

I knitted the first of two calorimetries for Stacy: It turned out beautiful! I used a different gauge than called out in the pattern, which has a lot to do with how I finished it so fast. This is definitely one of my favorite projects currently.

Up next, the second, which I hope there is enough of this yarn for.

I plan to start on that second one today in order to play around with the gauge. I'm thinking that those yarns will potentially thicker than the gauge I used on the first.

I also finished a scrub top that I've had on the project list for some time now. It's been complete with the exception of pockets for about 2 weeks. Feels good to get that one taken care of.

I used a hanger for scale to show you that this shirt was in fact made for a giant. I tried to use a quarter, but you couldn't even see it in the picture.. I was almost not tall enough to get this entire shirt in the view of my camera.

Unrelated to crafts, but further evidence that my house is haunted:

Check out the ghost in this photo!

Next sewing project on the menu is another shirt for the same guy, who I've never met. It's an outsourced sewing gig I have.

This particular shirt might be a real thorn in my side, which might be why I have hesitated so hard about getting the pattern ready. I'm drawing the pattern from scratch based on measurements and tracing of the actual shirt. I'm still not sure how I'm going to get those sleeves done with out ripping the shirt to pieces..

I am unsure of why the sleeves are so short. This man has got to be 7 feet tall, but his arms are apparently about 1 foot long. I suppose this could be a 3/4 length sleeve, but I've not seen many men who have shirts like that.. Yes, I'm standing on the table to take this picture.

This is the fabric being used for the new shirt: Plaid is the main fabric and the light blue/periwinkle is the accent color.

Maybe I'll add a few rhinestones to the yoke! No plaid western shirt is complete with out a minimum of 75 rhinestones..

In closing, I'll leave you with this: one of the very few reasons it's nice to be up with the chickens.