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Off the charts, my mood ring is black.

..has been for much of the day. I do not know what black means, because I don't feel sad or have any thoughts that go with general negativity. I'm actually sort of happy; I mean, it's Friday, and I'm about to be away from this place. It's a beautiful day outside, and I will actually get to see some of it this after noon.

So why the black mood ring? Perhaps it's the state of the world..price of gas..the fact that I can't have a pet..my student loans..who knows. Maybe my hands are just cold.

The countdown begins: Server has been down since yesterday around lunch at work, and yet I still have to be here.. It is currently 2:36 which means I have about 2 hours to go before freedom. (Possibly only an hour and a half..fingers crossed.)

Back to the "Must Read" list of books, I wonder if an audiobook would count? I found a site that has several! My initial thought is yes it would count: hearing the book would mean you know what it is about, could summarize it in conversation, look smart, etc. However, I think I may go with no it does not count: when hearing things being read aloud for long periods of time, listeners tend to block out what's going on and daydream instead. When I refer to 'listeners', I am of course referring to myself and no one else. My mind wanders.. It's doing it right now.

Through the course of today, I've had the leisure of reading several short stories from my Nonrequired book. I've also Stumbled across several cool sites. (But really, when do you not find something really on Stumble?)

I found this, which piqued my interest for a few minutes, because it combines two thoroughly awesome things: craft materials and break dancing. Word.

After work, I will be taking back the streets at a sports bar with some coworkers. I'll have the "Snake Bite". Guinness and some type of cider, which may sound as bad as a real snake bite, but is in fact quite tasty. I'm on the edge of my seat.

Also on schedule this weekend: finally getting around to going through my NYC pictures.

It is now 3:49 and I'm trembling with pre-weekend work apathy now. Time to shutdown.

In case those pictures did not load with links, the first is from gapingvoid.com, and the second was done on graffiticreator.net.