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Books: For lack of a more creative post title.

I found this slightly intimidating list of books "I must read before I die" and decided it would be an interesting goal to try and read all of them.

I perused the list and found that I have already read 14 of them, and I own but have not read 4 others. Also, there are many of these books available on Fullbooks.com, a nice site that holds lots of classics to read for free on your computer.

Now, if I read 20 books a year (based on the math that I have read 10 books thus far this year, and it is about half over), I could be through this list in approximately 49.3 years to complete this list. That being said, some of these books are incredibly long and probably will take more than my standard two-and-a-half lead time on leisurely reading a book.

This time frame of 49+ years alloted is not too intimidating, as I have the knowledge that I will die in September of 2076 at the age of 91.

I realistically anticipate that this goal will go unfulfilled, but I will try anyway.

I am currently reading The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2007 Edition, Edited by Dave Eggers.
Is it on the list: Appropriately no..making it full-circle Nonrequired.

This is fantastic, by the way; I had heard of these collections before, but not bothered with them until I found one half off at the Strand in NYC. Not only is it pretty good reading, but also: it has a comic in it, along with some really entertaining "Best Of" lists at the beginning.

Out for now, maybe I'll work on this list after I finish Nonrequired..