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Tonight the neon answers flare, Occasionally we stop and stare past tiny paintings, painted where the clouds were wrong,

With killer stares and sideways frowns,
In keeping with, the universe all upside down, twice (twice, twice)
And broken legs and arms in slings,
You cry secretly, you won't wear my diamond rings why (why, why)?

A billion cares, a thousand stings
we lie frequently,
Choose the chapter where he starts
Fight (fight, fight)
Two millionaires have bought this town and changed everything.
I found you in a lost and found,
Why why why!
-Architecture in Helsinki, "Tiny Paintings"

Random update!

I've obviously been out of blogging for a while. Since July, I've gotten a full-time job at Christie Cookies here in Nashville. I get to do their graphic design in addition to their regular business, so I've kept myself pretty busy for the past several months.

Here's one thing that I did complete out of no where the other day. A good friend of mine inspired me with a beautiful painting of 64 doors so I thought I'd give it a try. But naturally with robots. And on a miniature scale. So it goes. Enjoy!

Acrylic paint, 2.5 x 2.5"