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going to get my gun, everyone's got one

I couldn't sit still this weekend; as a result, things got sewn and stuffed.

Though still practically headless, and with two left feet (woops!), Robbie is almost done. And my does he have character! Did I mention his feet? This I realized after stuffing most of the body.. Nonetheless, I'm still a proud mother.

I'm still not sure how I'm going to attach that antenna I haven't made yet, but hopefully that will happen soon.

I've also been working on the formal gown quite a bit this weekend because of its rapidly approaching due date. The skirt lacks only a hem and hook/eye closure, while the top has quite a bit to go. The pieces went together easy enough, but I'm still scared of the idea of sewing a button hole on satin. To justify this fear, I should tell you that I've had to do an embarassing amount of unsewing on this project. My fingers are crossed.

I went through my stack of already-started-but-abandoned-halfway-through projects and found this skirt to work on when I got sick of staring at lavendar. The pattern: McCalls 5473

(I may secretly hem it tomorrow if we're slow at work!)

On an non-sewing related note: I recently stumbled onto a blogging etiquette article online which I incidentally can not find now, and which opened my eyes to "hotlinking". (Sort of, as I'm still not clear if linking without images on your site but to images on the site in the link qualifies as hotlinking. I really hope not because I do that often and haven't figured out how to get my point across with just measly words.) So in hopes of making my blog a little more "outside link source" friendly, I've removed a few images from earlier posts that were from external sources in hopes that there's not some internet person really upset with me. Luckily, I don't think this thing gets the bandwidth I'd like it to..

So uh..if anyone has any incite on "blogiquette" (yes, I wish that were mine), feel free to comment.